Welcome to is a web-based software suite for social network analysis, currently in a very rudimentary beta-stage. As such, lacks most of the features and functions found in the more established client software packages, but, well, it's a beta version.

The idea behind a web-based software suite for network analysis is its distributional form. As new functions are developed, and would-be bugs are eliminated, there is no need to distribute and upgrade any would-be client software. Also, as the user interface is implemented in standard HTML, it is platform-independent and can even be run on mobile devices. Also, as all user datasets are stored on a central server, these are always available to the user.

Among the several current shortcomings of, it (currently) only handles monomodal datasets, i.e. each dataset contains a singular layer of relational data (a.k.a. toft:s). is developed by Dr Carl Nordlund at Demesta HB. Send an email to carl at demesta dot com for further inquiries. Suggestions for improvements are more than welcome.